Contemporary Romance

Snow Angels

on August 27, 2014

Snow Angels eBook

Purple Papaya (reissue)
August 21, 2014
Barnes & Noble ID: 294-0150590885

A Stella Cameron classic. First time in eBook.

After Libby’s husband died, she withdrew. Separated from her family in Washington, she lived a reclusive life in Italy. Known in her village as “the silent lady,” Libby was often seen, but never heard. She kept to herself finding solace for her grief in her devil-may-care downhill skiing on treacherous nearby mountain slopes.

Aaron, keenly aware of his best friend’s pain, flew to Italy to bring her home. His lure was her sister’s high risk pregnancy, but the truth was he wanted to help her find love again and start living instead of just getting by. His plans were right on track, but as Libby grew closer to the man Aaron set her up with, he found himself sinking into fits of jealousy. Can Aaron reveal the truth before he loses her forever?

(originally published June 1991 in Harlequin Superromance #457 and October 2001 in mass market paperback for MIRA)

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Love Is Where You Find It

on August 26, 2014

Love Is Where You Find It eBook

Purple Papaya (2-in-1 reissues)
March 13, 2014
Amazon ASIN: B00J0K8HJC
Barnes & Noble ID: 294-0149192403


Country, city, or…?

FRIENDS (originally published August 1989 in Harlquin American Romance #306)

Shelly, Ben, and Tom…Friends forever. Misfits in their small town, they join forces to support each other and find a way out. Shelly and Ben go to college, get married, and settle in The City. But Tom’s choices become impossibly complicated when he is the only one who can keep the family farm alive. He can’t make himself leave.

Distance doesn’t have to kill friendships but it can weaken the bonds. And when one of those friends is the woman he loves, a smart man accepts it and moves on…if he can.

Tom, Shelly and Ben are tied together by more than friendship, and life hasn’t finished with any of them yet. Their relationships grow more complicated, more tangled. Now nothing is clearly defined and a wrong step could ruin any hopes for happiness.

THE MESSAGE (originally published October 1988 in Harlquin American Romance #268 and reissued in 1997 for Silhouette Safe Haven)

Page Linstrom’s bike messenger business is just starting to get off the ground but the only way to keep moving up is with a skeleton staff. She can’t afford more employees…yet. This means pulling double shifts and even making night deliveries, in dangerous places—alone. Page has no time for a personal life but is busy and has big dreams. Past experiences with men have made trust a big issue for her.

There was no way for Page to predict that one late night delivery could change her life—forever. Thrust into dangerous places with dangerous people, Page could lose not just her business, but her life…unless she makes the right decision when she tries to separate the good from the bad. It’s time to give trust, and even love, a chance.

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One Magical Christmas

on November 6, 2013

One Magical Christmas

Purple Papaya, LLC
November 6, 2013

Dumped by her fiancé and fired from her job, Hannah’s day couldn’t get any worse. Or could it? When she arrives home and finds a mysterious delivery man, a past long forgotten comes rushing to the present. An intriguing invitation hints at a centuries-old story that still waits for its ending, and suggests she holds the key to the final chapter. With nothing to keep her in Chicago, Hannah heads home to Georgia for Christmas and a love she left a long time ago.

previously released as AN ANGEL IN TIME

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on April 30, 2013

Undercurrents ebook

Purple Papaya (reissue)
April 30, 2013
Barnes & Noble ID: 294-0016553191

A Stella Cameron Classic. Now in eBook.

Susan has a plan for her life and it’s finally coming together. The last thing she needs is a volatile relationship to get in the way of her future. And anyway, she’s given up on the search for a perfect man—until an innocent request from her sister puts her in the path of a man who changes everything.

Mike left the rat race behind and retired to a quiet island. Now he purchases boats at auction, lovingly restores them and sells them for profit. His life is complete—until an innocent request from a woman turns his life upside down.

Plans are made to be shaken up and in Stella Cameron’s, UNDERCURRENTS, plans run into explosive results.

(originally published April 1991 in Harlequin Superromance #448 and reissued in April 1999 by MIRA)

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The Road Home

on March 14, 2013 powered by Purple Papaya March 14, 2013 Amazon ASIN: B00BUEKZ2I Barnes & Noble ID: 294-0016327921
powered by Purple Papaya
March 14, 2013
Barnes & Noble ID: 294-0016327921

A Stella Cameron Classic. First time in eBook.

Young lovers make plans and reality often gets in the way. Caitlin and Trevor share a passion that knows no bounds, but Caitlin moves to America leaving Trevor and their romance in Wales behind. Twenty years later, Caitlin’s marriage has failed. Now a successful shoe designer, she returns to Wales with her daughter in tow and finds the romantic fires of her happy youth are only waiting for a fresh spark.

(originally published January 1989 as ONCE AND FOR ALWAYS in Harlequin Superromance #340)

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on August 23, 2012

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August 23, 2012
Amazon ASIN: B0091V9ESS
Barnes & Noble ID: 294-0015245073

A Stella Cameron Classic. First time in eBook.

Widowed with two feisty sons, house falling apart, old female friends from her “couples” days wary of a newly single and very appealing woman—Jenny Andrews’s plate is more than full. Add a struggle to start a new business after years out of the workplace and she is as close to overload as possible.

Isn’t she?

Add the return of Peter Kynaston, her dead husband’s fellow research chemist whom Jenny partly blamed for the death that tore her family apart, and she has a recipe for throwing up her hands, or proving she’s a take-no-prisoners winner.

Peter intends to smooth the waters between them, to drop back into their comfortable friendship. At least that’s what he thinks he wants…until he spends a little time with Jenny.

There is very little that is smooth between these two, but trouble can be fascinating!

(originally published August 1990 in Harlequin American Romance #360)

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The Best Revenge

on June 20, 2012

The Best Revenge
powered by Purple Papaya
June 20, 2012
Amazon ASIN: B008DJ66FS
Barnes & Noble ID: 294-0014711593

A Stella Cameron classic. First time in eBook.

Rae Maddy is hiding from her past. With her former life behind her she settles in to a happy existence until arrogant Dallas Calhoun arrives in town with news that will turn her new life upside down. With nothing left to lose, Rae is determined to uncover the truth and teach Dallas a lesson of his own.

(originally published December 1997 in mass market paperback by Zebra Books)

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Pure Delights

on June 12, 2012

Pure Delights

June 12, 2012
Amazon ASIN: B008BA9L56
Barnes & Noble ID: 294-0014801904

Headstrong artistic rebel Paris Delight doesn’t expect Mr. Right to come charging up on a silver steed. High-powered dealmaker Tobias Quinn is Seattle’s sexiest divorced man, and he needs Paris to save his fortune and possibly his life.

Between these two are bad blood, dangerous secrets and enough sizzling sparks to ignite most of Washington state….

(originally published January 1995 in mass market paperback by Zebra Books)

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on May 18, 2011

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May 18, 2011
Amazon ASIN: B0051QKS3W
Barnes & Noble ID: 294-0012475794

Angelica Dean has only one thing on her mind when she arrives at Sinjun Breaker’s private island paradise—revenge. A respected journalist, Angel knows the enigmatic tycoon has to pay for his many sins—and she intends to exact a steep price. First she will gain Sinjun’s trust…and then expose his sordid secrets to the world.

But the powerful seductive stranger who awaits Angel is not the ruthless businessman she expected—and more, perhaps, than she can handle. And Angel isn’t the only enemy on Sin’s exclusive island—or the only woman tied to him by fate. Now intrigue threatens Angel’s plans, and maybe her life as well—as she finds herself swept into a world of dangerous passion.

This version of BREATHLESS contains a bonus excerpt from Stella Cameron’s upcoming paranormal, DARKNESS BOUND, an intense story of mystical danger and romance.

(originally published June 1994 in mass market paperback by Avon Books)

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Early in the Morning

on August 1, 2001

Early in the Morning

August 1, 2001
ISBN-10: 082177221X
ISBN-13: 978-0821772218

Early in the Morning (SLOW HEAT anthology)

In Early in the Morning, a frustrated librarian is determined to drive her scholarly fiancé wild with desire before the wedding, but she may need some heavenly help to light the fire of a man who’s afraid of being burned…

Out of Print