on May 18, 2011

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May 18, 2011
Amazon ASIN: B0051QKS3W
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Angelica Dean has only one thing on her mind when she arrives at Sinjun Breaker’s private island paradise—revenge. A respected journalist, Angel knows the enigmatic tycoon has to pay for his many sins—and she intends to exact a steep price. First she will gain Sinjun’s trust…and then expose his sordid secrets to the world.

But the powerful seductive stranger who awaits Angel is not the ruthless businessman she expected—and more, perhaps, than she can handle. And Angel isn’t the only enemy on Sin’s exclusive island—or the only woman tied to him by fate. Now intrigue threatens Angel’s plans, and maybe her life as well—as she finds herself swept into a world of dangerous passion.

This version of BREATHLESS contains a bonus excerpt from Stella Cameron’s upcoming paranormal, DARKNESS BOUND, an intense story of mystical danger and romance.

(originally published June 1994 in mass market paperback by Avon Books)

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