Love Is Where You Find It

on August 26, 2014

Love Is Where You Find It eBook

Purple Papaya (2-in-1 reissues)
March 13, 2014
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Country, city, or…?

FRIENDS (originally published August 1989 in Harlquin American Romance #306)

Shelly, Ben, and Tom…Friends forever. Misfits in their small town, they join forces to support each other and find a way out. Shelly and Ben go to college, get married, and settle in The City. But Tom’s choices become impossibly complicated when he is the only one who can keep the family farm alive. He can’t make himself leave.

Distance doesn’t have to kill friendships but it can weaken the bonds. And when one of those friends is the woman he loves, a smart man accepts it and moves on…if he can.

Tom, Shelly and Ben are tied together by more than friendship, and life hasn’t finished with any of them yet. Their relationships grow more complicated, more tangled. Now nothing is clearly defined and a wrong step could ruin any hopes for happiness.

THE MESSAGE (originally published October 1988 in Harlquin American Romance #268 and reissued in 1997 for Silhouette Safe Haven)

Page Linstrom’s bike messenger business is just starting to get off the ground but the only way to keep moving up is with a skeleton staff. She can’t afford more employees…yet. This means pulling double shifts and even making night deliveries, in dangerous places—alone. Page has no time for a personal life but is busy and has big dreams. Past experiences with men have made trust a big issue for her.

There was no way for Page to predict that one late night delivery could change her life—forever. Thrust into dangerous places with dangerous people, Page could lose not just her business, but her life…unless she makes the right decision when she tries to separate the good from the bad. It’s time to give trust, and even love, a chance.

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