on August 23, 2012


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August 23, 2012
Amazon ASIN: B0091V9ESS
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A Stella Cameron Classic. First time in eBook.

Widowed with two feisty sons, house falling apart, old female friends from her “couples” days wary of a newly single and very appealing woman—Jenny Andrews’s plate is more than full. Add a struggle to start a new business after years out of the workplace and she is as close to overload as possible.

Isn’t she?

Add the return of Peter Kynaston, her dead husband’s fellow research chemist whom Jenny partly blamed for the death that tore her family apart, and she has a recipe for throwing up her hands, or proving she’s a take-no-prisoners winner.

Peter intends to smooth the waters between them, to drop back into their comfortable friendship. At least that’s what he thinks he wants…until he spends a little time with Jenny.

There is very little that is smooth between these two, but trouble can be fascinating!

(originally published August 1990 in Harlequin American Romance #360)

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