Amateur sleuth Alex Duggins takes on a murderer in Underhill.

Stella Cameron exposes more secrets with far-reaching ramifications in her latest novel, LIES THAT BIND.

Crème de la Crime
June 1, 2017
ISBN-10: 1780290942
ISBN-13: 978-1780290942

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Determined to protect two young brothers from her home-village of Folly, innkeeper Alex Duggins is reluctantly drawn into a murder investigation that is much too close to
home and the people she trusts. As the case develops, Alex makes the sticky decision to withhold vital information from the police—a misjudgment with far-reaching and
potentially fatal consequences.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Stella Cameron launched the Alex Duggins series with FOLLY, which was followed by OUT COMES THE EVIL, MELODY OF MURDER, and now 2017’s LIES THAT BIND. Wrapping these stories in the spellbinding atmosphere of Cotswolds villages, of their dramatic skies and hills, Cameron pulls her readers into the lives of sometimes deceptively neighborly characters, treacherous villains and people you’ll love to love.

FAQ for the Alex Duggins Mysteries

Why did you choose the Cotswolds as the setting for the Alex Duggins Mysteries?

The Cotswold Hills are a treasure trove of mysterious villages with cottage windows that cry out for me to tell stories about the folks who live in them. History doesn’t have to be searched out, it’s stamped on the faces of churches, shops, pubs, tithe barns, markets still held where they have been for hundreds of years, cobbled alleys and streets, and even in the cadence of the people’s voices. This is a place rich with atmosphere, and it’s a haven for someone like me who sits quietly, observes and spins tales. I think the Cotswolds chose me to tell the stories.

All of the characters in this series are memorable, but Bogie really stands out. What can you tell us about him?

Bogie, who becomes Alex Duggins’ dog in the first book (FOLLY), is named after a dear reader’s dog. I held a sweepstakes to find just the right name and along came Bogie who was randomly selected from hundreds of entries. Even more lucky, I have now met this lovely little furry boy several times, taken him on a walks, sat with him on my lap while I told him how handsome he is! Bogie is too special for an “extra” role!
In your latest book, LIES THAT BIND, you’ve moved the crime from Folly-on-Weir to the nearby town of Underhill. Why the move?

The tiny village of Underhill is Folly-on-Weir’s close neighbor and there are natural ties between the two communities. The Black Dog, Alex Duggins’ pub, is the local gathering place where news, good or bad, is often shared and rivalries are kept alive. Underhill has it’s share of secrets to hide and in LIES THAT BIND these are the treacherous scandals that become

Can you tell us what’s next for Alex Duggins?

Ah, not too much or you’ll soon think you know the whole story! In WHISPER THE DEAD we discover that some secrets can never be buried deeply enough. At the center of the story Alex Duggins and her partner (lover) Tony Harrison, unwittingly walk into the pasts of the very people they care for most. They have to deal with a daunting question: How far will the guilty go to escape reckoning?

Praise for Stella Cameron

“LIES THAT BIND is a riveting addition to Stella Cameron’s outstanding Cotswold Mystery series. These are not old-fashioned “puzzle” mysteries — they are complex, intriguing stories with a very real edge. Alex Duggins is a fascinating character with a tangled personal history.Her small town harbors dark and dangerous secrets — the kind of secrets that can send shock waves through a family or a community. Each book brings new revelations. I can’t wait for the next title in this series.” ~ Jayne Ann Krentz, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Atmospheric, clever plots and characters so real they jump off the page — the Alex Duggins mysteries are Stella Cameron at her nail-biting finest.” ~ Carla Neggars, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Cameron excels at assembling an intriguing cast of characters laden with dark histories…Guarantees readers will be flipping the pages late into the night.” ~ Library Journal