The Orphan

on March 1, 2002

The Orphan

Mar 1, 2002
ISBN-10: 1551668831
ISBN-13: 978-1551668833

Latimer More, lodger at 7A Mayfair Square and widely known as “the most daring lover in England,” has finally found the woman of his dreams—Jenny McBride. But what startles everyone—Latimer’s fellow tenants, his family and even Jenny—is what an educated man of business sees in a poor, orphaned milliner’s assistant. However, Latimer has looked past the surface—past the demure protestations and patched clothing—and seen the fiercely independent and generous soul within the auburn-haired Scottish lass.

Latimer may be sure of his intentions, but Jenny has her doubts. Can she trust a man with the sort of reputation Latimer has with the fairer sex? Surely he is only toying with her and intends to toss her aside after he has tired of her? Moreover, even if Latimer is serious and Jenny were to accept his marriage offer, it would mean revealing the hold that the vile Morely Bucket has upon her.

The odious slumlord, Bucket, presses Jenny, behind on her rent, to offer up sexual favors in exchange for canceling her debts. Jenny has resisted so far, but Bucket has become more and more forcibly persistent as time has passed. Jenny believes that if Latimer were to find out that she was involved in such sordid goings-on that his interest in her would quickly vanish. But Jenny doesn’t know Latimer More well enough. He does find out, and it only intensifies his resolve to free the valiant waif from the clutches of the archfiend Bucket—but not before enlisting the aid of everyone at 7 Mayfair Square.

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