Tell Me Why

on August 1, 2001

Tell Me Why

August 1, 2001
ISBN-10: 1575668203
ISBN-13: 978-1575668208

In TELL ME WHY, readers enter the world of pianist Carolee Burns. At its peak, Carolee’s celebrated career took her all over the world. Then, eighteen months ago, she dropped out of sight, emerging only occasionally to perform at Bistro Brandy, a tiny club in suburban Seattle. It is here that Max Wolfe watches in the darkness, a silent observer nursing a drink as Carolee’s poignant music washes over him. Drawn to her sadness, compelled to know the reason for her sudden withdrawal, Max searches for answers to his questions.

Carolee won’t talk about the ruin of her life — the sudden crashing end to her once-happy marriage, the agonizing estrangement from her daughter, and her ex-husband’s vindictive behavior. It’s enough that by reinventing her life, she has found some measure of peace.

However, that peace is about to be shattered. No sooner does Max dare to reach out to the woman he has watched from the shadows, than a tragedy reveals secrets that can’t be ignored — and that will change their lives forever.

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