Now You See Him

on November 1, 2004

Now You See Him

November 1, 2004
Amazon ASIN: B000AI4K6C
ISBN-10: 0778320995
ISBN-13: 978-0778320999

A Bayou Book

Death at Mardi Gras

Ellie Byron witnessed the first murder…

Two years ago during Mardi Gras a young woman was brutally killed with an ice pick. Charles Penn, a hard-eyed man with a history of violence, was convicted. But Ellie was never certain of his guilt. Now, while being transported between maximum security prisons, he’s escaped.

Death in Diamonds

Suddenly another woman is found dead, lying cold on a bed of diamonds in a New Orleans jewelry shop. Recognizing that both murders mirror the crimes in bestselling novels by Sonia Elliott and must be connected, the police show up at Ellie’s Toussaint, Louisiana, bookshop. The first murder had frightened Ellie, but their news of a second terrifies her. Afraid for her own safety, she turns to the only person she really trusts: attorney Joe Gable. Joe would give his life to protect Ellie, but neither he nor Ellie knows just how deadly and brilliant an enemy they faceā€”or how near he is.

Death of a Witness

When the third book in Elliott’s mystery series is released, Joe and Ellie realize that time has run out. In this book, the killer eliminates the only threat to his freedom. The last death will be the death of a witness.

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