Glass Houses

on October 15, 2011

Glass Houses
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October 15, 2011
Amazon ASIN: B005WCX7P6
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British photographer Olivia FitzDurham is running for her life—all the way to New York City and a man she’s never met. The pictures she took for a London magazine seem harmless, but the man who tried to push her off the tube platform definitely meant business.

NYPD Detective Aiden Flynn isn’t the “Sam” Olivia thinks she met on the internet, but he suspects that the man who is poses a real threat to Olivia’s safety—as well as his own.

Suddenly Olivia and Aiden are the targets in a dangerous game that will take them across the country and the Atlantic. On the run from a ring of thieves desperate for Olivia’s incriminating photos, the two strangers must work together to clear their names—and escape with their lives…

This eBook of GLASS HOUSES contains sample chapters of Stella Cameron’s paranormal, DARKNESS BOUND.

(originally published August 2000 in hardcover by Kensington and June 2001 in mass market paperback by Zebra Books)

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