A Marked Man

on February 1, 2008

A Marked Man

February 1, 2008
Amazon ASIN: B00134D6VC
ISBN-13: 978-1460308547

A Bayou Book

A Stella Cameron classic. First time in eBook.


“If you’re looking for chilling suspense and red hot romance, look no farther than Stella Cameron!” —Tess Gerritsen

The object of obsessive hatred or an evil killer? Max Savage claims he is a marked man who unwittingly attracts danger to anyone he cares about, but the folks in Toussaint, Louisiana aren’t so sure.

When Annie Duhon meets Dr. Max Savage, she tries to deny their mutual attraction. Scarred both physically and psychologically by a terrifyingly violent incident in her past, she’s a young woman who has struggled to overcome feelings of inadequacy. For years she has avoided all romantic relationships with men. Now, as manager of Pappy’s, the colorful dance hall and eatery in Toussaint, she’s achieved a level of success she never thought possible — but the scars remain. Max has other reasons for keeping his feelings for Annie to himself. For years, he claims, an unknown assailant has hounded him — a lunatic who has viciously killed any woman Max has become involved with. The clever villain has even managed to turn suspicion for his crimes on Max. No charges have ever been proved, but neither has Max ever been able to establish his innocence. Better to deny himself and keep Annie safe than expose her to possible danger.

Now, Max has come to Toussaint to start a new practice far from the rumors and innuendo that have nearly ruined his life. As he works with his brothers to develop his new clinic, Max finds himself growing closer to Annie. Finally, unable to resist his attraction to her, he convinces himself that he can risk a new relationship.

Then another woman, a colleague, goes missing and suspicion again falls on Max. Though he insists that he isn’t the serial killer, that someone else is targeting him, can Annie take the chance that he’s just a marked man?

Finding himself in the same situation — again suspected of a terrible crime — Max realizes that he’ll never beat his tormentor by running away. Rather, he must unmask the killer and prove his innocence before it’s too late — for himself and for Annie.

(originally published November 2006 by Harlequin MIRA)

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