Fascination and Charmed (2-in-1 reissues)

on March 26, 2013

Fascination and Charmed

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March 26, 2013
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Two Stella Cameron classics. One great eBook.

FASCINATION: Grace Wren wants to marry for love, but instead sacrifices her dreams to marry for money — and not just any money, she’s agreed to wed the ancient and ailing Lord Arran Rossmara. His lordship, however, is neither old nor ill. Arran did not expect a such a temptress to enter his home and he sets out to seduce Grace, incognito, to expose her as a shameless fortune hunter, but his plans go shockingly awry as he discovers his FASCINATION with Grace.

CHARMED: Callum Innes lost a dukedom before he even knew he had one. Switched at birth, he returns home after over 30 years of living someone else’s life. Now he is a man to be feared because he fears nothing — except the power of his need to punish his betrayers. Etienne, the false Duke, is betrothed to Lady Philipa Franchot whose dowry is something he would do anything to gain, including turning aside from his true passion. Lady Anabel Hoarville. Lady Philipa was betrothed to the Duke at birth, but Etienne isn’t that Duke. She belongs to Callum Innes, one more stolen right he intends to take back.

(Fascination originally published November 1993 and self published in eBook format October 2012 and Charmed originally published April 1995 by Avon Books and self published in eBook format November 2012)

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